Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Children's day @ Mercury Campus

Children's are world's most valuable resources and its best hope for the future. A day dedicated to these wonderful children 14 November.... CHILDREN'S DAY ...was celebrated with great fun and frolic in the Creek Planet School Mercury Campus.

An array of scintillating dance performance by teacher's made the day even more colorful along with the entertaining skit. The motivating words of the Principal brought in new hope on this Childern's day which helped all the mentors to realize their motive towards up liftment of students and to work together to bring up a healthy new generation.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Green Day " Protecting The Enchanting Beauty Of Earth" @ Mercury Campus

On 15th July 2017, The Creek Planet School - Mercury Campus decided to follow in The Education Department's footsteps and celebrate Green Day. Being related to the third phrase of Haritha Haaram programme that was launched by Chief Minster Mr.K. Chandrasekhar Rao on 12th July, The Green day involves Students, Teachers and support staff taking part in planting saplings in the open areas of the school. Inspired by this valuable cause, our school enthusiastically took up this mission to raise awareness on environmental issues. The students and faculty played an equally active role in this event. Anyone could see the conviction the children had about protecting the environment and involving more people in the cause. The ECO Club especially had a huge participation in this event. They planted as many saplings as they could find. At the end of the day, we went to home carrying this in our hearts, " I don't want to protect the environment. I want to create a world where the environment doesn't need protection".

Janmashatmi Celebrations @ Mercury Campus

The Creek - Mercury family celebrated Janmashtami with great zeal and enthusiasm on 12th August  at the Creek's Dale. Students of different classes donned the attire of the Lord Krishna, Gopikas and other characters related to the festival of Janmashtami and enacted their respective roles perfectly.

The event commenced with the lighting of the lamp followed by a prayer song, which was a classic melody. Mentors  performing dandia to the tunes of Natkat Krishna was something different from the usual and the little souls enjoyed it to a great extent.

The matka breaking activity reliving the pranks of Lord Krishna saw the audience cheering with great delight. The event also brought about an awareness of Indian tradition, custom and culture, conveying a message of the victory of good over evil. The event concluded with the principal reminding the students about Lord Krishna's devotion and obedience to his master.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Social Week @ Mercury Campus

The Creek Planet School- Mercury Campus has celebrated Social Week in the month of October.  The week started with the introduction by Grade IX students about the importance of social science. The students of Grade VII & VIII depicted a theme based dance performance on -"Stop Child Labour and Right to Education" which remained the special show of the week.

Eco Friendly Ganesh Clay @ Mercury Campus

Lord Ganesha is considered as the lord of success, God of education wisdom and wealth.

The FEI group of institutions organized a workshop at the Creek Planet School- Mercury Campus about creating awareness for the use of Eco-friendly idols of Ganesha during Ganesha festival under the guidance of Mr. Uma Shankar, M.Tech students from JNTU an IG awardee.

Mr. Krish, RJ of 92.7 BIG FM entertained/encouraged the students with his mesmerizing oration in Ganesh Moulding.

World Environment Week @ Mercury Campus

The Creek Planet School celebrated the World Environment Week from 5th June to 9th June. The theme was "Connecting nature to people". The mentors took a lead and enacted . The skit depicting "Different ways to save the environment" and also students participated in oath taking. The students presented a pep talk on  "Effects of harmful pollutants on environment". They also displayed their ideas in the form of a collage. They explained the types of pollutions. The Principal Mr. Ravi Kumar and Vice Principal Mrs. Anupama encouraged the students to come up with the steps to control and conserve the environment. On the whole it was a good learning experience through out the week. Students participation was appreciated.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Literary Week @ Mercury Campus

Our dream is that every champ at The Creek Mercury Campus can read and write well enough, to fully and independently participate in society. The aim of Literacy week 2017 is to organise events throughout The Creek to rise awareness for this dream and to start acting on it.

It was a great honour and real pleasure to witness the 2017 Literacy Week from 24th to 29th of July.

It was also great to discover all the banners,posters,displays and preparations that the organizing team put in place for the week- we were all wowed by how much was going on to promote listening,speaking,reading and writing.

The week mainly focused on different types of writing styles, poetry and drama. Each day was exciting with varied activities to build interest towards language amongest the student community.

We were particularly impressed by the enthusiasm, interest and knowledge of pupils that we worked with during the week. They listened well, answered questions intelligently ; showing great imagination and creativity in their ideas when given a task or challenge.

The first day was organised by 5th and 6th graders who shared their knowledge about English history and tested us with their challenging riddles.

The next day, young poets of the school entertained us with their funny and meaningful poems. After their entertaining recitation, the 7th graders expressive idioms tickled our funny ribs.
The 10th graders disguised as different people and presented a monologue, to raise the appreciation of lesser known type of speaking called Declamation.

In closing, we were hugely impressed by the themed performance that the 9th graders beautifully put on-they acted out the famous drama "Villa For Sale"  which captured everyone's attention. It was indeed a dynamic presentation.

It is a real credit to the school to have taken on such a mammoth challenge for literacy Week 2017 and to have pulled it off so impressively.

We were Thankful to each and every one for being a part of it.